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О том, как надо любить себя :)

Попалась мне на глаза корпоративная газета греческой авакомпании. Она на греческом, но средний разворот отведён отзывам благодарных пассажиров, и часть отзывов, естесно, на английском. Самый длинный отзыв меня просто сразил, спешу поделиться с англо-читающей аудиторией, даже не поленюсь перепечатать :) Ошибки почти все сохранены кроме уж самых таких.

"I am writing this message while celebrating my 30th Birthday. I was born in Poland Ostrolenkaat the same time as departure of this flight from Athens to Brussels where I want to spend this very important to me day. I discovered Aegean Airlines last year in September. I took a flight from Athens to Paris to meet there with my sister. The flight was a pleasant experience, however, I forgot about your company since then. My private life got twisted in a way that this year in the last 16 days I took 6 more flights with your company in order to fly from Berlin to Heraklion via Athens twice and from Heraklion to Athens today. On these flights nothing but pleasant things happened to me. The staff is very pleasant and kind. Girls are beautiful. The fleet is brand new Airbus A320 is my favourite aircraft - comfortable, cutting-edge and very quiet. Your lounge at Athens airport is excellent; well equipped, comfortable and bright. I can even have my cigarette there.If I will have to return to Greece somewhere from Europe, Aegean will be the airline of my choice. I am loyal to AirFrance the the whole company knows me (AF#часто летающего) and has great respect to me because I give then a lot of thigs for improvement. They treat me well, but not as good as Aegean which I hardly know. I am travelling all around the world, making nearby 100 flights every year. I am, as they say the Alpha and Omega of airline industry. I am a genius in mathematics and a finance guy. I am ready to help you with any problems you might encounter - you are still small and vulnerable company. I am a gold member of Star Alliance - Diamond Club by BMI #... I lived for many years in London and this is where I got my higher education. Special thanks to E.Tzilikidi and J.Sideri for treating me exceptionally well on this very flight on one of the most important days of my life".

Чел явно от скромности не умрёт :) Ещё бы написал, что он подтягивается сто раз на одной руке, стажировался у лучших поваров мира, и что глаза у него редкого фиалкового цвета.
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